Our Story

I'm Sergio ambition from atlanta,georgia. I grew up in the hood of Cleveland avenue. so I got into music because my mother and uncle had a group back then and an album on cassette tape produce by a person name terry moss. who would ever think me Sergio from years from now would become a rapper and a beatmaker and also starting up a movement call belivican from the ground up. 

I remember when I ask my uncle at the age of 11 to teach me how to write my first rap and he did. then he ask nephew do you want to do this and my answer were yes. so I kept writing getting better in my craft with writing rhyme and raps.so I been writing raps for 19 years and counting to me now trying to make my own beats. back in high school I used to be in a rap group by the name of atl, mob but nothing didn't manifest at the time.my accomplishment I signup to distrokid.com to distribute my music to the streaming sites and two will be me to keep on dropping content. 

right now I'm recording and writing for a new album and recording new songs to released consistently and if you haven't check my first album or mixtape the king's home volume 1 at www.sergioambition.com and signup to my email list.